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Cool the Planet!

Climate Change sunk the Titanic!
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On the April 11, 1912, the Titanic, in her maiden voyage, started her trip from Southampton for New York. The building and launch of the luxury ship made world headlines with the Titanic heralded as unsinkable and the largest, the fastest, the finest and the most luxurious liner in the world.

On the evening of April 14th, she struck an iceberg off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. Four hours later she sunk. Titanic became one of the worst and most well known disasters in marine history.

So, is climate change responsible for the sinking of Titanic?

In 1997, the Titanic was once more brought to international attention by no less than Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie aptly named...Titanic. The soundtrack My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion and the line "...If you jump, I'll jump" captivated audiences worldwide.

So, whats the relation between the sinking of Titanic and climate change? Check out the link below and find out.


Watcha think?

photo taken from the Smithsonian Institution

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At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Guga said...

I think it's important to have short films like this to try and make more people aware, and remind those who are aware that something must be done. But what must be more and more discussed is what can actually be done. If the corporations do rule politics, than there's little chance someone who can make a difference will get into power. The most powerful country in the world said it wouldn't hold up to its Kyoto agreement and it itself is becoming more and more like a dictatorship, under the false flag of "war on terrorism", in an attempt to control the last big oil resources. How can we make billions of people more conscious that something very urgent must be done? And how can those who already want different things for our wonderful planet make more and more of a difference?


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