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Cool the Planet!

climate change shortening hemlines?
Thursday, November 02, 2006

fashion forecast for 2007: shorts are in.
women get to show off their legs. men are happy.
but the reason for this fashion phenomenon is hardly something to be happy about.
top fashion designers such as giorgio armani have taken climate change into consideration when designing clothes for emporio armani's spring/summer collection 2007.

short hemlines, loose fit, strappy footwear and light materials dominate the look.

compare it with his collection for spring/summer 2000

he uses more layers, closed shoes (even boots!) and longer hemlines.

it has only been 6 years but the change in fashion is quite evident.

the earth's temperature is rising and people literally need cooler clothes. global temperatures have increased by .75 °C since 1979. severe damage has been done to our environment. plant and animal species are rapidly becoming extinct, rising sea levels are wiping islands off the map and extreme weather conditions have caused destruction and sadly, even death.

wearing lighter clothes will relieve us of the earth's warming temperature for now but it won't help solve climate change.

for how long do you think can fashion designers keep shortening hemlines and removing layers before they disappear altogether?

*pictures taken from www.style.com

posted by icequeen @ 6:35 PM,


At 5:39 PM, Anonymous rafaelgreenpeace@gmail.com said...

Observo una inclinación cada vez mayor que relaciona Greenpeace con el alto diseño, moda, fotografía futurísta, etc... Aunque, dichos medios están vinculados con asuntos medio-ambientales, al final lo que queda es el uso de dichos canales. Como decía Marsall Mcllugan "El mensaje es el medio". El resultado final es una sensación de que greenpeace se frivoliza y erotiza en complicidad con quien por contra debería ser su enemigo, la sociedad de consumo.


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