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Cool the Planet!

the great frog tryst
Friday, November 03, 2006

Ever wondered how Greenpeace staff spend their mornings in Bangkok
after an ardous office planning meeting?

People... What did you feel while stroking the frog?!?

From the masters:

Greenpeace Southeast Asia ED Mr. Arthur Jones got pumped by the sensual croaks and was tempted to boogie his heart out. (By the way, ED stands for Entertainment Director)

While Mr. Shailendra-baba hoped against hope that a female frog would fall for his full throated call.

Our ever-dashing balladeer Francis "Kiko" dela Cruz felt like he was a frog prince waiting for a kiss.

And without batting an eye-lash, Pele, our resident chick-boy (Can be chick. Can be boy.) confirmed that it was hot and sweaty, eventually making him hungry! (Hungry for what Pele?)

First timers got excited as well!

Our anime-loving, kendo-rocking media campaigner Lea just tilted her head, gave me a slow grin and a "giggle. giggle. giggle."

Mommy Beng simply said, "Damn!"

Hug-a-lot Care Bear Judy was definitely into it. She said it was hot, dusty and it made her hor**.

Classic. But before anybody concludes that we are keeping frogs in the office as.. umm.. pets, check out the real story behind Greenpeace and our great frog tryst at this link.

Sneak preview

posted by dyabayns @ 9:03 PM,


At 11:05 PM, Anonymous sasha said...

frogssssssss cn beee slickyyyy...but after a while, i get used to the "feeling".

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous frogboy said...

ei! sssssslick is nice. by the way, did anyone kiss the balladeer prince?


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