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Cool the Planet!

sex and climate change
Friday, November 03, 2006

Sex has always been a big issue for everyone - both for those who got it and for those who do not. Sex is something that the world needs, what we need, heck, it's what we want. Sex is to proliferate, to continue the life here on earth... it's practical and we ENJOY it! So, I thought of asking several people what they think climate change will do to their sex lives... so have fun peeking in people's sexual fears and fantasies!

My thoughts on how my husband would start complaining on how hot and tiring it would be to enjoy sex bothered me. Darn, we might even fight a lot as what my colleague Jasper and his wife said… "Global warming will cause less sex and more fighting because of the heat". - is this a good excuse for married people?

Arvin, my sister's friend, also said that there will be less children because of lower sperm count. In relation to this, there are also studies that say frogs and turtles tend to produce gender-specific offsprings because of warming temperatures
- given that there are successful sexual incidents...but all of them producing males? Dear me...

There were those who were in denial of a sex life. A successful 30-year old advertising director said that she doesn't know anything about sex and climate change! "I'm innocent" was her answer. There were quite a few who simply said that they don't have a sex life or simply said "I don't know". - hmm, makes us think how people are very much unaware of climate change...or perhaps turn a blind eye to it and deny even to have a sex life?

Pele thinks that sex tourism will be greatly affected. As was evident in Thailand, go-go bars (or what some of us call as night clubs or girly bars) closed down because of the floods - I'm not sure if this is good or bad...probably good for us wives?

Some interesting answers were also expressed. Friends from fundraising unit, Judy and Elbert, said that "...unexpected sex and unexpected children may be direct effects"" - this made me think of orgies and overpopulation, not good not good at all

Hapsoro, the man without a family name, said that clothes will be skimpier - "g-strings will be publicly worn, which will then lead to more and more sex!" - no to butt exposure please. Hey, we have to be realistic, some will be sagging, some would need exfoliating spa treatments

Juddha Paolo, one of our celebrity supporters, said it in 2 words - "extra moist", while Abi said "extra sensation due to sweat" - sweaty partners...not for me

Pat, our GE campaigner, thinks that sex will be done in shorter periods of time because people won't be able to last long anymore - do we really have to say if this is good or bad?

How about you? What will climate change do to your sex life?

posted by bengkers @ 1:27 PM,


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Siopao Paredes said...

Well, we can say goodbye to snuggling and sharing/producing heat under blankets..and forget about morning breath the next day and say hello to morning B.O. definitely not conducive too early bird hoopla.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Mountaindolphin said...

Don't you guys think that steamy, sweaty sex is hot?

On another note, one change in society is already benefiting the environment and fighting global warming. One of the chief causes of climate change is the impact of a rapidly expanding population. However, as Western society becomes more liberal, alternative sexual orientations become more accepted, and many people get to live their lives and have sex the way they want to, be happy, and not contribute to population explosion.

So remember the next time you see someone of an alternate persuasion, there's someone who's bloodline will make a smaller carbon imprint on the globe. (Unless he shops too much.)

At 12:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a hilarious read. And it is such an important consequence of climate change. I think the HEAT will lead to more sex. Even additional hunmidity in the summer leads to sultry and sensuous feelings.

Frequent and short showers are hoped for.:))

At 7:09 AM, Blogger kulapu said...

kung hindi naman tayo binabaha at hindi rin tumutulo ang bubong masarap ang sex kahit na hinahagupit ng malakas na ulan.

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

life is full of mysterious and controlled by nature. Every phenomenon proceed with nature's law.So sex is the devine gift of nature which give contunity of life.

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous sallyBee said...

what a nice site! this is how i like my sex, er, my environment issues discused haha kudos! and very acrobatic deers i must say...

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Bogorianz said...

Yes, global warming leads to more sex. But more sex can also lead to more population ... for some people having sex without condoms is more SSSSHHHHHSSSS --- then the world will be full. What will be happen next???

Beng, I never thought that you will be serious in this sex and climate change

At 5:25 PM, Blogger brainweaver_wan said...

steamy sex is good..but better when its colder...;)


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