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Cool the Planet!

voice of the youth
Monday, November 06, 2006

We are the young people who want to change the world.
We are putting our foot forward against climate change because we have the most to loose.
We are demanding a stop on the use of fossil fuel as an energy source.
We don't want to live in a disaster of our own making, our future is at stake.
We are one with our brothers and sisters around the world demanding a shift to renewable energy.
~ Solar Generation Pilipinas ~

Good morning everyone, I am William Sia a SolarGeneration Pilipinas volunteer. Today, we are once again going to witness the installation of a new Solar Panel system to supply power to the library of the Apo Island Elementary School.

This installation reminds me of my hometown, Pulupandan in Negros Occidental. We were successful in our fight to reject coal as our main source of power. And upon choosing renewable energy as the best alternative to coal, my town is now a potential site for wind farm.

This event reminds me as well of a school back home, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy. OLLA, as it is locally known, had solar panels installed on top of their library’s roof. Those panels have shown the people that we have a choice instead of dirty fossil fuels.

SolarGeneration Pilipinas is here to extend its help its help and to show the effects of climate change which is due to the dependence of man on fossil fuels. More than that, as voice of the youth, we want to highlight not only the negative effects but also introduce solutions.We are also here to extend the fact that climate change is real and happening, and that its process is a gradual destruction of our only living planet. The effects of climate change would really affect not only this island but other developing countries as well that cant afford to protect and give remedies to the impacts of climate change. Today we have the chance to provide young minds with the opportunity they need and deserve that will further enhance their education, while also opening their eyes to the great possibilities that renewable energy has to offer.

William Sia. During the launch of Pilipinas, Go Renewable! at Apo Island Elementray School, Dauin, Negros Occidental.
Photos courtesy of Rap Rios for Greenpeace and Solar Generation Pilipinas.

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