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Cool the Planet!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Here's a post from Ebong Camarillo, a Filipina teaching in New York, on young folks and learning and why it's never too early to teach the things that matter.


Young minds are a challenge to get through across the board. Often we feel as if we are pulling teeth from them regardless of the fact that they are smart as you can imagine. Teaching middle school age kids pose so much obstacles. My favorite of all is figuring out a lingo that they use as I impart propositions on environmental issues. Are they ready for such vicissitude? Must this be a matter of importance when it derelicts material possession and want? So you reflect and spend a few days on how to inform squirming rug rats on conservation, recycling, preservation, reusing and the big one of all, global warming.

How young must we teach our children about our only home? John Locke in his empirical view of the human mind that pre-exists as a tabula rasa or a blank slate still holds water for most. Yet the world of obstetrics theorized that as early as the first trimester of child bearing, the young inside the womb; absorbs the world outside. The bucket yields on us no matter what. We teach our kids a million and one things everytime and we wonder, will they be okay at the end of the day? And you see them, choosing to dunk a ball of scrap paper where the can reads "PAPER" and empty juice bottles to dispose of on bins marked "PLASTIC or GLASS". And you smile, and you thank your lucky stars you must be doing something right. It will take a few more of sharing, learning and probably debating before they could relate climate change to fossil fuel addiction. It might feel ages knowing if you are getting through their hyper-passive mode. So, how young should we let them know? May I suggest...as early as we can.

Visit Ebong's blog for more of her...

posted by Redster @ 9:11 PM,


At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it should really be as young as they can start learning how to do things differently kasi thats the best way to make sure they dont repeat the bad ways of adults who dont like following the things they teach.

nice post by the way. galing pa ng nuyok!


At 6:37 AM, Blogger everly rose said...

abner...korek, come to think of it minsan mas matigas ang ulo ng matatanda kesa sa bata, so onward tayo to go green for life starting with the young ones :)

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Calvin Jones said...

Just a quick note to lett you know that your blog is included in a recent post on my blog.

I have just put up a post with a series of links to the best blogs that i have found covering the Nairobi climate talks.


I think some of these may be of interest. If you have any additions then let me know and I will append them.

It is my intention that this post serves as a hub for blog coverage of the talks, if you would like to link to the post that would be great. Many of these blogs are new and therefore difficult to find through technorati/google blog search, and I think there is some value in highlighting blogs that are from rather than mearly about the events unfolding.

Calvin Jones

At 7:24 PM, Blogger everly rose said...

hi calvin jones, no problem, things have been very hectic in school lately that is why i still have no recent posts, but we are trying to set up a small environmental club for 5th to 8th graders, we hope this will in so many ways affect and effect our future leaders,

all the best


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